1010.09 – Electric sit-stand desk frame | 2 motors | 3 columns | 125 KG | Heavy Duty | Black

With its powerful, silent 2 motors and 3-column frame, stability is guaranteed even with desktops up to 200 cm wide. Naturally equipped with all conveniences, such as a memory with sit-stand reminder, Anti-Collision, and a child lock.
Additionally, the 1010 comes with a magnetic cable tray so that all cables are neatly concealed under the desk. Because design is also important, the frames are designed with a contemporary and sleek aesthetic in a monotone color scheme. This ensures they complement any type of desktop.

  • For desktops measuring 60/80 x 120/200 cm
  • Memory with sit-stand reminder
  • Anti-Collision
  • Child lock
  • Magnetic cable tray
  • Sleek modern design
With a separate frame, you reuse your existing desktop! You simply screw it underneath. You are thus recycling your own desktop, thereby contributing to a more sustainable and circular economy

Sitting for long periods of time is unhealthy and linked to various diseases, including heart disease and diabetes. Breaking up long stints of sitting with standing can help activate the muscles, improve circulation and boost moods and concentration. Try standing up for twenty minutes of every hour

For safety, a built-in anti-collision system senses obstructions to automatically cut the motor

DESQ Sit-Stand desks, distinctive and affordable, where people feel comfortable and productive at work!

DESQ – Feel good at work


View the instruction video here!


Motor 2
Stage 3
Height range 635-1285
Weight capacity (kg): 125 kg
Max. desk size (cm) 80x200
Speed 38 mm/s
Noise Level < 50

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