1341 – Winged shape back support cushion in MESH | Firm | PU Foam| 36 x 19 x 5,5 cm

Designed for people who require full lumbar support to relieve lower/mid back pain, muscle tension and fatigue.

It encourages a natural position of the spine, gives latural aswell as lumbar positioning to ensure correct alignment of spine, pelvis and legs. Both the cushion and the cover are made of MESH material, keeps air circulating to keep you cool and comforable all day long.

  • Made by high resilience PU foam
  • Comfortable soft touch fabric
  • Including adjustable strap, to keep the cushion in place
  • ✓ With metal zipper and removable, washable cover
To reduce or prevent back pain caused by poor posture.

Improve musculoskeletal conditions and offer additional lumbar conditions or support spine in natural shape.

Specially designed for people who sit for 6 hours or longer, for people who sit on chairs with poor support and for people with back issiues.

Comfortable soft touch outer fabric special designed for back cushions: strong, removable/washable, breathable and soft touch feeling.

Equipped with two covers: white inner cover, to protect the foam from dirt and damage when cleaning the outer cover and the black removable outer cover.

DESQ - Feel good at work


Width (mm) 350
Height 300
Depth 90 (Wings) 70 (middle)
Color Zwart

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