1710 – Monitor Lift Stand | Black

Elevates monitor to the right height
Freestanding design allows a monitor arm configuration in spaces that don’t allow C-clamp or desk-thru mount

    Low profile, weighted base provides enhanced stability
    Effortless screen rotation between portrait and landscape
In computer intensive roles an adjustable monitor arm is key. With a DESQ monitor arm you can adjust height, distance and angle of a monitor. To avoid back, neck and eye strain. With the added advantage of freeing up valuable desktop space by getting your monitor off your desk.

A monitor should be positioned directly in front of you at arms length with the top of the screen level with your eyes.

DESQ - Feel good at work


Number of screens 1
Weight cap. range (kg) 8.0
Height adj. range (mm) 200 - 250
VESA compatible (mm) 75 – 100
Screen rotation 360°
Screen tilt 0-42°
Screen swivel + 31° / - 31°
Arm swivel 360°

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