30321 – Desktop Calculator | 12 Digits | XLarge | TAX | MU | GT

Business Classy Calculator in stylish dark colour combination and XL size. Suits your desk and gives a professional image

With smooth touch keys for pleasant typing even when used for a long time. Power supply: solar and battery power.

  • ✓ Large and angled easy readable LCD
  • ✓ Acrylic-glass diplay cover
  • ✓ Large easy-to-use keys
  • ✓ Function Command Signs: current operation sign is displayed above the numbers
  • ✓ Minimalistic lay-out with obvious key segments (functions/numbers/on-ac) for easy input
  • ✓ Business functions
  • ✓ Decimal and rounding selector
  • ✓ 3-key memory
  • ✓ Rubber feet
Business Classy calculators combine practical use with a luxury impression. Sophisticated colour combinations, minimalistic lay-out, clear font type and high quality materials add a touch of class to any business desk.

The functions are selected specially for everyday business work. The keys are soft and square shaped to achieve a pleasant typing even when used for a long time.

All models are equiped with an auto-off mode, to save energy.

  DESQ - Feel good at work


Digits 12
Independent memory
Tax calculation
Mark-up function [MU]
Grand total (GT)
Sign change (+/-)
Backspace key
Square root function (√)
Zero keys 0 - 00
Rounding selector
Decimal selector
Dimensions (mm) 206x158x35

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