70245 – Laminator A4 Business Classy | 125 micron | Ready in 30 sec. | High Speed

A4 Laminator for office use in Business Classy design
Ready to use in only 30 seconds. Equipped with pattened Jam Free technology, to avoid pouch jams inside the machine.

✓ Ready after only 30 - 60 seconds warm-up
 Jam Free technology, to avoid pouch jams inside the machine
✓ Laminates quickly, 400mm/min.
 Variable pouch setting
  Laminates documents and photos in 75/125 micron pouches
 Release lever disengages pouch for document re-alignment or removal
 Auto-off after 30 minutes

DESQ Laminators are easy to use, photo friendly and hassle-free. No carrier required! They deliver a perfect result every time.

No more waiting! All DESQ laminators are fast and ready to use in no time! Bussiness Classy laminators are great for laminating presentations, advertising signs, signage, warning signs, photos, certificates etc. Engineerd with an easy-entry on the back for a smooth transmition and alignment of the pouch.

DESQ – Feel good at work

Unboxing - DESQ Laminator
Unique selling points of the Laminator A3 Business Classy


Papersize A4
Pouch Thickness (mic) 80-100-125
Max. Laminating Thickness (mm) 0,6
Warm-up Time (min.) 0,5 - 1
Entry Width (mm) 230
Laminating Speed (mm/min) 400
Auto-Off (min.) 30
Rollers 2
Dimensions (mm) 365x160x75

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