70255 – A3 Laminator A3 – 4 Hot Roller system

Advanced Laminator with 4 rollers to laminate max A3 documents with pouches up to 175 micron!
No carrier needed.
Includes a reverse button and temperature regulation button in order to adapt the temperature to thickness of the inserted pouch.
Max. thickness:          175 micron
Temperature:               adaptable to pouch thickness
Net weight:                   6.1 kg
Dimension:                   459*203*138 mm
Hot roller :
This means that the 4 rollers are heated. Due to the fact that the laminating pouches and the document are heated and pressed together at the same time, it is possible to laminate photo’s. Because of the Hot Roller system the glue can attach in a better way to the surface.


Size A4
Max pouch thickness (micron): 175
Max laminating width (mm) 340
Number of hot rollers 4
Ready time (min) 5/8
Laminating speed; mm/min 310
Manual micron setting No
Manual micron setting Yes
Auto pouch detect No
Release function No
Reverse function Yes
Auto shut off after: Does not apply
Cycle time (min) 120
Cooling down time (min) 30
Power 220-240V

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