7910 – Vacuum machine | 5 settings | Roll holder | Roll cutter | Vacuum tube | Vacuum Sealing Bags | Vacuum roller

Fully featured 5-speed automatic vacuum machine for dry, moist and pressure-sensitive foods Complete with 5 vacuum sealing bags. Indispensable in every kitchen.

  • 5 settings for dry, moist and pressure-sensitive foods
  • Strong 60 KPA suction power, 4,5 liters p/m
  • Including vacuum tube for, among other things, a wine bottle stopper or storage canisters with a valve.
  • With detachable power cord for easy storage
  • Vacuuming automatically or manually
Suitable for all foods: dry, moist, hard, soft, sensitive. Food stays fresh up to 8 times longer by vacuum packaging! This way you reduce food waste and save money. By doing so, you contribute to a more sustainable world. Easy to operate: put the food in the bag, choose the suitable position and the vacuum machine will take care of the rest. After more than 20 years of experience with laminators, DESQ is breaking new ground! We used the knowledge to seal a document at the right speed, at the right temperature and with the right pressure in the development of the first DESQ vacuum machine. As always with DESQ, with high-quality specifications, extensive features, a complete starter package and a very nice design! DESQ – Sustainable Household


Suction power: 4,5 Liter, -60 Kpa
Max. width (cm) 30
Dimensions (mm): 399 x 165 x 81
Inclusive: External Vacuum hose
5 bags 20 x 30 cm

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