80101 – Battery substitute for Sony NP-FM500H



Battery substitute for Sony NP-FM500H

Compatible with the following Sony camera’s:

Alpha series

DSLR A-100 / A100
DSLR A-100K / A100K
DSLR A-100W / A100W
DSLR A-100H / A100H

DSLR A-200 / A200
DSLR A-300 / A300
DSLR A-350 / A350
DSLR A-550 / A550
DSLR A-700 / A700

DSLR X900 X-900 Body

DSC- Cybershot series

Cybershot DSC-F707
Cybershot DSC-F717
Cybershot DSC-F828
Cybershot DSC-R1
Cybershot DSC-S30
Cybershot DSC-S50
Cybershot DSC-S70  
Cybershot DSC-S75
Cybershot DSC-S85







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