S43825 – Soligor DG II teleconverter 2xCD7 for Pentax AF

A Soligor teleconverter is a negative (diverging) lens (or lens system) which can be placed between the camera and the (removable) lens and thus increases the focal length of this lens. The angle will be reduced and the effect is the same as of a telephoto lens.

A 2 x teleconverter increases the focal length of a lens 50 mm to 100 mm. A zoomlens with a range of 28 ... 100 mm by this same converter gets a range of 56 ...200 mm.

Because the unchanged close focus range remains the same, one gets a corresponding larger magnification ratio with a teleconverter . Teleconverters are an money-, space- and weightsaving alternative for a telephoto lens.

-Suitable for (D)SLR Pentax cameras
-Best results with focal lenghts of 50 mm and higher (35mm)
-2 x focal lenght extension
-Unchanged close focus range
-7 elements in 5 groups
-Digital optimised multicoating

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