8901 – Vacuum Bags 20 x 30 cm | 50 Pieces

Pre-cut vacuum film (20x30 CM) that allows you to start vacuuming immediately! Ideal for cooking and storing food in fridge, freezer or pantry

  • Keeps food fresh up to 8 times longer, reduces food waste and saves money.
  • A nine-layer co-extrusion film made of BPA-free material.
  • No glue is used in the production of co-extrusion film. Durable and safe!
  • Size of 20 x 30 cm is perfect for vacuum packing pre-portioned food such as vegetables
  • Can be used for storage down to -30°C. Safe for storage in pantry, refrigerator and freezer without risk of freezer burn.
  • Strong and tear-resistant
  • Suitable for reuse after thorough cleaning.
DESQ vacuum films reliably prevent the penetration of moisture and oxygen, retaining aroma and flavour and protecting food from absorbing unwanted odours.

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