1537 – Acrylic Monitor Riser | Height 120 mm | Dutch Design

Monitor Riser made entirely from high quality clear acrylic and designed in a modern, minimalist Dutch Design

The simplistic design does not distract and is still robust and stable.

  • ✓ High quality 6 mm clear acrylic
  • ✓ Keyboard can be stored in the stand
  • Mini Computers can be placed under the stand
  • Rubber feet
  • Robust: weight capacity of 15 kg

With a DESQ monitor stand you raise your screen to the optimal viewing height. This ensures a healthy and ergonomically correct posture. To avoid back, neck and eye strain.

A monitor should be positioned directly in front of you at arms length with the top of the screen level with your eyes.

DESQ - Feel good at work


Height settings (mm) 120
Weight capacity (kg) 15
Storage space for keyboard
Dimensions (mm) 305x230x120

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