1714 – Dual Monitor Arm | Black

Full motion Dual monitorarm. Use at home for work, homework or gaming.

    Finetune the precise height of the individual screen with the adjustment screw
    Provided with a Quick Release VESA Plate for easy mounting
    Effortless screen rotation between portrait and landscape
    Including holder for allen keys, to always have them ready for use.
In computer intensive roles an adjustable monitor arm is key. With a DESQ monitor arm you can adjust height, distance and angle of a monitor. To avoid back, neck and eye strain. With the added advantage of freeing up valuable desktop space by getting your monitor off your desk.

A monitor should be positioned directly in front of you at arms length with the top of the screen level with your eyes. If you use two screens they should be positioned with the point where the two screens meet directly in front of you.

DESQ - Feel good at work


C-clamp mount
Weight cap. range (kg) 8 p. arm
Height adj. range (mm) 45 - 395
Arm length range (mm) 390
VESA compatible (mm) 75 – 100
Max. thickn. desktop (mm) 85
Screen rotation 360°
Screen tilt + 45° / - 45°
Screen swivel + 90° / - 90°
Arm swivel + 90° / - 90°
Max. screen width (cm) 78

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