30032 – Printing Calculator | 2 Colour printing | TAX | COST-SELL-MAR

Semi-professional printing calculator with AC adaptor or Batter power supply

AC adaptor is included. With two paper holder options. Inside, handy we using the calculator mobile, or outside the calculator.

  • Large and angled easy readable LCD
  • Two power options: AC Adaptor or AA Battery
  • Function Command Signs: current operation sign is displayed above the numbers
  • 4-key memory
  • Business functions: COST-SELL-MARGIN- TAX-Backspace-000
  • Rubber feet
  • Metal paper roll holder
  • Inner and Outer roll holder
  • Decimal and rounding selector
Heavy Duty Calculators combine outstanding durability and practical use. With functions suitable for everyday use at home or in business. Available in the right sizes for shops, market stalls or in the field. The key lay-out and colour combination are specially designed to achieve a clear overview at a glance, for easy input.

COST-SELL-MAR : Calculate: Costprice, Margin or Selling Price based on Gross Profit formula.
Example: Costprice = 100 / Margin = 20% => Salesprice = 125
All models are equiped with an auto-off mode, to save energy.

DESQ – Feel good at work


Digits 12
Independent memory
Tax calculation
Grand total (GT)
Sign change (+/-)
Backspace key
Zero keys 0 - 00 - 000
Rounding selector Cut - 5/4 - UP
Decimal selector F - 4 - 2 - 0 - A
Dimensions (mm) 228x158x56
Colour printing / Colours 2
Printing speed line/sec 2,03
Paper width (mm) 57
Ink roll IR40T
Paper thickness 60 / 80 grams
Max. Paper roll thickness (mm) 70

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