60080 – Footrest | Rocking motion | 2 Height Settings | Black

A lightweight, compact, height adjustable footrest with rocking motion

Rocking motion improves circulation and reduces fatigue. Height adjustable by just turning the footrest upside down.

  • 2 height settings
  • Rocking Motion - To improve circulation and reduces fatigue
  • Textured platform surface can act as a foot massager
A footrest is designed to support for your legs from the feet up, taking strain off your thighs to keep you comfortable for long periods sitting at your desk.

It helps to improve posture and circulation by keeping feet and legs elevated. Reduces muscle strain and fatigue by supporting legs at an optimal angle.

You achieve an ergonomic working posture by creating a 90 degree angle in your knee. Your upper legs are horizontal and lower legs vertical, this ensures the least muscle tension.

DESQ - Feel good at work


Height settings (mm) 75 -105
Tilt range 0 - 90°
Anti-slip surface
Anti-slip feet
Dimensions platform (mm) 355x225

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